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Construction in Mallorca

What are the building costs in Mallorca ?

Whether you are considering a new build construction project or a renovation project, you must consult your builder about the entire budget and not just their building rates to avoid any surprises!!

The variables to consider when building or renovating your house in Mallorca.

  • Planning fees

  • Architecture fees

  • Construction building rates per square meter in Mallorca

  • Project management fees

  • Licence fees

  • Taxes

  • Legal fees

The main expense will be your building plot or house and this of course does not form part of your building cost but your ultimate budget when deciding on a possible project.

When we consult with our clients we discuss the entire project in detail. You will know the complete budget before you make your final decision as mentioned above.

Renovation costs in Mallorca

Other factors to consider is the Location and Age of your proposed project, especially when you are looking at refurbishments in Mallorca. Your budget will change accordingly as you might find problems later on the project that was not visible beforehand. Always a good idea to factor in an additional 10% in your budget for unforeseen issues.

For older properties you may have to consider additional costs of refurbishing the property in the same style i.e characteristics of the landscape, and the surrounding area of the property. This can have a major impact on your final budget!

White Rock Projects, a trusted project management and construction company in Mallorca.

Arrange a free consultation today with one of our experienced construction consultants. White Rock´s team of Specialists and Builders understand the Construction and Renovation process of apartments and houses in Mallorca and will ensure every aspect is covered!

Call today !! 611 22 66 38 or email






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Renovations in Mallorca

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