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Want to build you dream house in Mallorca?

Lets talk about the pro´s...

Plenty of opportunity around in Mallorca to let your imagination run wild ! Old Town Conversions, Renovations, New Build projects or Country side living ! Everybody is looking for that perfect Mallorcan dream! Some properties, if you know where to look can be very affordable and profitable, especially around Palma. Ahhh....

The cons...

Not knowing the Language and Spanish building regulations can be a big stumbling block when deciding your next project! Other issues our clients are experiencing is that they don´t live here permanently which can prove to be very problematic.

The Solution

Appoint a Project Manager to assist with the design and construction aspect of your project.

Your project manager will be able to assemble the entire project team to assist you with the planning, design and construction. Worth every cent of your investment. In addition to the above, you will need an excellent conveyancing attorney to look at the legal aspects of the project before you start...


White Rock Projects Mallorca will ensure your dream becomes a reality and not a nightmare ! Please contact us today to arrange your free consultation.

Your journey starts here...

Contact us for a consultation

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